Call number: V-52

Biriuk [The Lone Wolf]

Kinostudiia imeni Aleksandra Dovzhenko, Tvorcheskoe ob´´edinenie Vremia, 1977; release permitted 11 August 1977
Screenplay Roman Balaian and Ivan Mikolaichuk, from the story of the same name by Ivan Turgenev in the collection Zapiski okhotnika
Photography Vilen Kaliuta
Music V. Guba

Biriuk				Mikhail Golubovich
Bersenev			Oleg Tabakov
Ulita				Lena Khrol´
First peasant			Iurii Dubrovin
Second peasant			Aleksei Zaitsev
74 minutes
In Russian; starts 10 minutes in with 7 minutes introductory material in series Fil´my nashei pamiati, in which Klara Luchko talks to Oleg Iankovskii about Balaian
Source: Russian television, Pervyi kanal
System: Mesecam
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