Call number: V-507


Programme 3: Rock musicians
[A portrait of Russian jazz and rock musician Sergey Kuryokhin, filmed without Soviet permission. Because he lacks official recognition, Kuryokhin finds it difficult to stage concerts and make recordings. However, despite their status, musicians and artists like Kuryokhin are gaining influence in the U.S.S.R.]

60 minutes
BBC, 1 December 1985


Programme 5: October harvest
[Examines life on a relatively prosperous collective farm in southern Russia through the experiences of the Kulinich family. Looking at their daily lives, it becomes apparent that the Kulinichs, like many other Russian peasants, have determined their own version of the Communist way of life.]

60 minutes
BBC, 5 December 1985


Programme 7: Hunter and son
[Each year, Mikhail Kuzakov and his son Yuri leave their small Siberian settlement to test themselves against the frozen wilderness of the taiga, where they hunt on horseback for sable and other valuable fur-bearing animals. Despite the isolation and numbing cold, the men eagerly anticipate the hunting season.]

60 minutes
BBC, 29 December 1985


Programme 10: Master of Samarkand
[Examines the daily life of a Muslim community and explores the uneasy relationship between Islamic faith and Soviet power. Abdugaffar Khakkulov, an Uzbek proud of his descent from Mongol forces that invaded Samarkand during the Middle Ages, is a master craftsman who is restoring the great Islamic mosques of the region.]

60 minutes
BBC, 19 January 1986

Source: BBC Television
System: Pal

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