Call number: V-500

Covek nije tica [Man is not a Bird]

Avala Film, Belgrade, 1965
Producer Dusan Perkovic
Screenplay Dusan Makavejev
Photography Aleksandar Petkovic
Music Petar Bergamo

Hairdresser		Milena Dravic
Engineer Rudinski	Janez Vrhovec
Barbulovic's wife        Eva Ras
Barbulovic		Stojan Arandelovic
Truck driver		Boris Dvornik
Hypnotist		Roko Cirkovic
Neighbour		Zivojin Pavlovic
80 minutes
In Serbian with English subtitles
Source: Channel Four


Nicely Offensive. A Conversation with Dusan Makavejev
George Melly talks to Makavejev about WR. Mysteries of the Organism
34 mins
Source: Channel Four, 1991
System: Pal

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