Call number: V-497

W.R. Mysteria organizma [WR. Mysteries of the Organism]

Neoplanta Film, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, and West Germany, 1971
1991 "Television version improved by the author for Channel 4"
English adaptation gillmor workshop, 1991
Screenplay Dusan Makavejev
Photography Aleksandar Petkovic
Music Bojana Makavejev

Milena			Milena Dravic
Jagoda			Jagoda Kaloper
Radmilovic		Zoran Radmilovic
Vladimir Ilyich    	Ivica Vidovic
Soldier			Miodrag Andric
U.S. Soldier		Tuli Kupferberg
With Jackie Curtis, Betty Dodson, Jim Buckley and Nancy Godfrey as themselves
80 minutes
In English and Serbian, with subtitles
Source: Connoisseur Video
System: Pal
There is an interview with Makavejev about this film, on the same tape as Makavejev's Man is not a Bird, Call number: V-500
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