Call number: V-490

ZANUSSI, Krzysztof
The Silent Touch

UK/Poland/Denmark, 1992
Mark Forstater Productions, London/ Tor Film Group, Warsaw/ Metronome Productions, Lyngby
Screenplay Peter Morgan and Mark Wadlow, from a story by Krzysztof Zanussi and Edward Zebrowski
Photography Jaroslaw Zamojda
Music Wojciech Kilar

Henry Kesdi		Max von Sydow
Stefan Bugajski		Lothaire Bluteau
Helena Kesdi		Sarah Miles
Annette Berg		Sofie Grabol
Professor Jerzy Kern	Aleksandr Bardini
Joseph Kesdi		Peter Hesse Overgaard
96 minutes
In English
Source: Curzon Video
System: Pal
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