Call number: V-459

Hol volt, hol nem volt... [A Hungarian Fairy Tale]

Mafilm, Objektív Stúdió, Budapest, 1986
Screenplay Gyula Gazdag, Miklós Györffy
Photography Elemér Ragály
Music Mozart, The Magic Flute

Andris			Dávid Vermes
Mária, his mother    	Mária Varga
Antal Orbin		Frantisek Husák
The girl		Eszter Csákányi
Tünde			Szilvia Tóth
Tünde's mother   	Judit Pogány
Tünde's stepfather   	Géza Balkay
Tünde's father       	Gábor Reviczky
97 minutes
In Hungarian with English subtitles
Source: Channel Four, 1996
System: Pal
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