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Five films each of 55 minutes
Riga Film Studio / "Sovinfil´m", Goskino USSR, 1989
Central Independent Television
Film 1 Red Hot: Composer Aleksei Rybnikov; Armenian earthquake; Iaroslavl´ factory; Chernobyl´ aftermath
Soviet Spring, ITV [sic], 16 January 1990
Film 2 Awakening: Rybnikov; 1,000 years of Christianity; Sakharov; Latvia; Nagorno-Karabakh Soviet Spring, Channel Four, 22 January 1990
Film 3 Them and Us: Afghantsi, the war, the withdrawal; Rybnikov; Bulgakov's flat; hippies; Pamiat'; the Popular Front; more young people
Russian and English dialogue
Soviet Spring, Channel Four, 29 January 1990
Source: ITV and Channel Four
System: Pal

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