Call number: V-421

MANSKII, Vitalii
Blagodat´ [Paradise]

MV Studiia, Russia and YLE TCall number: V-2 Documentaries, Finland, 1995
Producers Jarmo Jaskelainen and Vitalii Manskii
Script Viktor Beliakov
Photography Ruben Voronov
Balalaika music A. Koshelev
50 minutes
Source: Russian television, ORT
In Russian; preceded by 6 minutes on Manskii
System: Mesecam


The Death of Yugoslavia. Pax Americana
Produced and directed by Paul Mitchell
Series producer Norma Percy
Series consultant Laura Silber
Brian Lapping Associates for BBC
Source: BBC2, 6 June 1996
50 minutes
System: Pal


Back to the USSR
[The chances of a Ziuganov victory in the 16 June presidential election]
Reporter Jane Corbin
Producer Kevin Sutcliffe
Editor Steve Hewlett
Panorama, BBC1, 10 June 1996
40 minutes
Source: Panorama, BBC1, 10 June 1996
System: Pal
Systems: Mesecam and Pal

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