Call number: V-412

Afrikanskaia okhota [African Hunt]

Leningradskaia studiia dokumental´nykh fil´mov, 1988
Script Andrei Petrov
Photography Eduard Sokolov
With the participation of L.N. Gumilev, I.M. Nappelebaum, I.V. Odoevsteva, G.A. Terekhov and V.N. Shekhodanova
43 minutes
In Russian; starts 8 minutes into tape with 5 minutes on Alimpiev
ORT, 15 April 1996


Fiziologiia russkoi zhizni [The Physiology of Russian life]
Lentelefil´m, 1995
Script Igor´ Alimpiev
Sound Elena Porfir´eva
Editing Valentina Zaitseva
With the music of Sof´ia Gubaidulina, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits
Musical composition Dmitrii Pavlov
54 minutes
In Russian
ORT, 15 April 1996
Source: Russian televison, ORT, 15 April 1996
System: Mesecam

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