Call number: V-246

Oci Ciornie [Dark Eyes]

Italy, 1987
Screenplay: Aleksandr Adabash´ian, Nikita Mikhalkov and Suso Cecchi D'Amico, from stories by Anton Chekhov
Photography: Franco di Giacomo
Production design: Mario Garbulia and Aleksandr Adabash´ian
Music: Francis Lai

Romano        			Marcello Mastroianni
Anna            		Elena Safonova
Elisa              		Silvana Mangano
Daughter of Romano and Elsa    	Isabella Rossellini
Tina             		Marthe Keller
Elisa's mother			Pina Cei
Pavel Alekseev        		Vsevolod Larionov
Governor of Sysoev   		Innokentii Smoktunovskii
Lawyer				Roberto Herlitzka
Manlio				Paolo Baroni
Konstantin			Dmitrii Zolotukhin
117 minutes
In Italian and Russian with English subtitles

Source: Connoisseur Video
System: Pal

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