Call number: V-2142

Istoricheskie khroniki. 1949. Iskushenie bomboi [Historical Chronicles. 1949. Tempted by the Bomb]
The key subjects of this episode are: the history of the search for atomic energy and the atomic bomb, and the anti-cosmopolitan campaign
Prodiuserskaia firma Nash vzgliad, for GTK Telekanal Rossiia, 2006
Producer: Nikolai Bilyk
Director: Aleksei Podgornyi
Author and Head of project: Marina Zhukova
Presenter: Nikolai Svanidze
Photography: Viktor Voronin, Viktor Stupin, Mikhail Nefedov
With the participation of: Aleksandr Chubar´ian, Evgenii Velikhov, Tomas Bohr (the grandson of Niels Bohr), Andrei Sakharov, Nina Ledentsova-Lukovtseva, Angelina Gus´kova

44 minutes
In Russian; starts 2 minutes into tape
RTR Planeta, 11 July 2010

5 minutes of irrelevance


Mal´chiki derzhavy. Boris Slutskii [The State's Boys. Boris Slutskii]
Studiia DD, for GTRK Kul´tura, 2010
Artistic director and producer: Vitalii Maksimov
Director: Maksim Palashchenko
Author and presenter: Lev Anninskii

26 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 16 July 2010

2 minutes of irrelevance


Bol´she, chem liubov´. German i Karmalita [More than Love. German and Karmalita]
Fishka-Fil´m, for GTRK Kul´tura, 2010
Producer: Aleksandr Radov
Director: Aleksandr Stoliarov
Script: Larisa Maliukova
Photography: Petr Tsymbal
Music: Vladimir Guba
With the participation of: Aleksei German, Svetlana Karmalita

78 minutes
In Russian
RTR Planeta, 17 July 2010

Source: RTR Planeta, 11, 16 and 17 July 2010
System: Pal

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