Call number: V-2139

Lunnye poliany [Les Clairières de Lune] [The Clearings of the Moon]

NTV-Kino, Artcam Int., France, with the Centre National de la Cinématographie, France, 2001; released September 2002
Producers Vladilen Arsen´ev, Joel Farges
Screenplay Igor´ Minaev, Ol´ga Mikhailova
Photography Vladimir Pankov
Production design Valentin Gidulianov
Music Anatolii Dergachev

Nina			Alisa Bogart
Andrei			Andrei Kuzichev
Liza			Viktoriia Tolstoganova
Sergei			Aleksandr Berda
Muratov			Andrei Tolubeev
116 minutes
In Russian

Source: Master Teip
System: Pal

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