Call number: V-2086

Dnevnye zvezdy [Stars by Day]

Mosfil´m, 1966; released 20 December 1968
Screenplay Igor´ Talankin, from the long poem of the same name by Ol´ga Berggol´ts
Photography Margarita Pilikhina
Production design N. Usachev, A. Makarov
Music Al´fred Shnitke

Ol´ga				Alla Demidova
Father				Andrei Popov
Nikolai				Konstantin Baranov
87 minutes
In Russian; starts 3 minutes into tape
ORT, Pervyi kanal. Vsemirnaia set´, 6 June 2005

4 minutes of irrelevance


Kumiry. Andrei Sokolov [Idols. Andrei Sokolov]
Telekompaniia Ostankino for Pervyi kanal, 2005
Author and presenter Valentina Pimanova
Directors Ol´ga Derzahvina, Oksana Matievskaia
Producer Aleksei Pimanov
Executive producer Dmitrii Savinskii

37 minutes
In Russian

ORT, Pervyi kanal. Vsemirnaia set´, 25 June 2005

3 minutes of irrelevance


Zvezdnye gody Lenfil´ma [The Starry Years of Lenfilm]
N+N for Telekanal Kul´tura, 2004
Presenter Sergei Snezhkin
Director Nataliia Urvacheva
Script Nadezhda Vinogradova
Photography Mikhail Golubkov, Igor´ Iurov

38 minutes
This issue is on Dinara Asanova and her film Rudol´fio and Savva Kulish and his film Mertvyi sezon.
In Russian

RTR Planeta, 30 June 2005

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal. Vsemirnaia set´, 15 and 25 June 2005 and RTR Planeta, 30 June 2005
System: Pal

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