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How to Poison a Spy
[John Sweeney investigates the poisoning of ex-KGB spy and Russian dissident Aleksandr Litvinenko by radioactive Polonium 210 in November 2006.]
A Ten Alps Blakeway 3BM production for BBC, 2007.
Reporter: John Sweeney
Executive producer: Fiona Stourton
Producers and directors: Peter Norrey and John O'Mahony
Editor: Sandy Smith

30 minutes
BBC1, Panorama, 22 January 2007

3 minutes of irrelevance


Very Russian Geniuses
[Filmmaker Ekaterina Eremenko sets out to discover what has happened to her fellow classmates at Russia's elite natural science school in the 1980s and how the political changes have affected her generation.]
A Zero One film production for BBC, in association with Maximage, RBB / ARTE, SF Swiss Television, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, 2007.
Directed by Ekaterina Eremenko
Co-producer: Cornelia Seitler
Producer: Jutta Doberstein
Executive producers for BBC: Nick Fraser and Greg Sanderson
Series editor: Nick Fraser

90 minutes
BBC4, Storyville, 19 February 2008

2 minutes of irrelevance


Tito's Ghost
[Documentary revealing how the cult of Marshall Tito remains alive and well in the former Yugoslavia over 25 years after the Communist dictator's death.]
A Zeta production for BBC, YLE TV1 and Arte G.E.I.E., 2008.
Narrator: Irena Micijevic
Executive producers for BBC: Nick Fraser, Jo Lapping
Executive producer: Miriana Bojic Walter
Written and directed by Mira Erdevicki

60 minutes
BBC4, Storyville, 26 February 2008

Source: BBC1, 22 January 2007 and BBC4, 19 and 26 February 2008
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