Call number: V-1986

The Moscow Theatre Siege
[Events following the Chechen terrorist seizure of 1000 people as hostages in October 2002]
Producer David Straham
Editor Matthew Barrett
50 minutes; starts 1 minute into tape
BBC2, Horizon, 15 January 2004

3 minutes of irrelevance


Power Trip
[The commercialisation of post-Soviet Georgia's electricity grid]
Directed, edited and produced by Paul Devlin
70 minutes
BBC4, Storyville, 13 February 2004

3 minutes of irrelevance

Russian Newspaper Murders
[Investigation into the murder of Alexei Sidorov, editor of the Togliatti Observer]
Director Paul Jenkis
60 minutes
BBC4, Storyville, 6 July 2004

Source: BBC2 15 January 2004; BBC4 13 February, 6 July 2004
System: Pal

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