Call number: V-1985

Hot Spots: Chechnya
[The roots of the conflict between Chechens and Russians and why it has become so bitter]
Produced by Paul Mitchell
BBC Executive Producer Farah Durrani
60 minutes; starts 6 minutes into tape
BBC4, 4 July 2004

2 minutes of irrelevance


The Stringer

Screenplay Gennadii Ostrovskii, Paul Pawlikowski
Executive producers George Faber, Waldemar Król, Charles Pattinson, David M. Thompson
Producer Fiona Morham
Photography Witold Stok
Production design Vladimir Murzin, Jacek Turewicz
Music Zdzislaw Szostak

Helen			Anna Friel
Vadik Chernyshov	Sergei Bodrov Jnr
Yavorsky		Vladimir Il´in                
John			Robert Knepper
Mother			Anna Kamenkova
Mityagin		Leonid Kuravlev
Lyosha			Alexia Khardikov
Young wife		Anna Ianovskaia
90 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles
BBC4, 4 July 2004

Source: BBC4, 4 July 2004
System: Pal

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