Call number: V-1982

The Great War
[Eyewitness accounts and archive film of the 1914-1918 conflict]
Part 25: The Iron Thrones are Falling
[The defeat of Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria, Sep.-Oct. 1918]
Producers Tony Essex and Gordon Watkins
40 minutes; 3 minutes into tape
BBC2, 24 January 2004

3 minute of irrelevance


The Great War
Part 26: ... And We Were Young
[The end of the conflict]
Producers Tony Essex and Gordon Watkins
40 minutes
BBC2, 31 January 2004

4 minutes of irrelevance


Tetris: from Russia with Love
[The birth and development of the game created by a programmer in Moscow's Academy of Sciences]
Directed by Magnus Temple
60 minutes
BBC4, 11 February 2004

Source: BBC2, 24 and 31 January 2004; BBC4 11 February 2004
System: Pal

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