Call number: V-1964

IUFIT, Evgenii
Lesorub [The Woodcutter]

Mzha-Lala-Fil´m, 1987; re-released by Nikola-Fil´m

9 minutes
In Russian; starts 4 minutes into tape


IUFIT, Evgenii
Vesna [Spring]

1987; re-released by Nikola-Fil´m

10 minutes


IUFIT, Evgenii and MASLOV, Vladimir
Dereviannaia komnata [The Wooden Room]

Migala Film Studios, George Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts, Obshchestvo A-Ia, St Petersburg, 1995
Screenplay Evgenii Iufit, Vladimir Maslov
Photography Roman Lugovskii
Production Design Evgenii Iufit
Newsreel camera Nikita Levitin

Cast:		Tat´iana Verkhovskaia, Vladimir Maslov,
		Igor´ Bezrukov, Vasilii Deriagin,
		Sergei Tsvetaev, Denis Kuz´min
60 minutes
In Russian

Source: Ekaterinburg-Art, Kino bez granits
System: Pal

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