Call number: V-190

Sady skorpiona. Opticheskaia poema [Gardens of the Scorpion. An Optical Poem]

Lenfil´m, Kinostudiia pervogo i eksperimental´nogo fil´ma, 1991
Videomontage A. Karelin
Technical group V. Pavlov, G. Gulina and I. Kosorotova
Consultants V. Antropov, V. Bosenko and E. Barykin
Includes extracts from 49 feature, documentary and scientific films listed at the end, and in particular extracts from the 1955 film Sluchai s efreitorom Kochetkovym, directed by Aleksandr Razumnyi
96 minutes
In Russian; starts 9 minutes into tape with 6 minutes on Kovalov in series Novoe kino: russkaia liniia
Source: Russian television, ORT, 5 February 1996
System: Mesecam

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