Call number: V-1889

Noveishaia istoriia. Teatr imeni SSSR [Recent History. The USSR Theatre]

NTV, 2003
Author Vadim Takmenev
Script Elena Nemykh, Nadezhda Shakhova
Director Elena Nemykh
Executive producer Il´ia Ognev
Photography Dmitrii Kuvshinov, Evgenii Kovalev

Part 1
50 minutes
In Russian; starts 6 minutes into tape

6 minutes of irrelevance


Part 2
50 minutes
In Russian
NTV Mir, 5 and 6 May 2004

2 minutes of irrelevance


Zabytyi parad [The Forgotten Parade]
On the Allied Victory Parade in Berlin on 7 September 1945
Asmera-Vizhi for NTV, 2004
Script Marianna Faktorovich
Director Oleg Graff
Producer Mikhail Berzakovskii
Photography Dmitrii Igoshin, Il´ia Podgaetskii
Music Aleksandr Mikhailov

40 minutes
In Russian

NTV Mir, 9 May 2004

Source: NTV Mir, 5, 6 and 9 May 2004
System: Pal

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