Call number: V-1833

Pervopechatnik Ivan Fedorov [The First Printer, Ivan Fedorov]

Soiuzdetfil´m, 1941; released 12 May 1941; re-released by the Kinostudiia im M. Gor´kogo in a re-edited version, 1959
Screenplay E. Veisman
Photography I. Gorchilin
Music I. Ivanov-Radkevich

The First Printer, Ivan Fedorov		N. Dorokhin
Tsar Ivan the Terrible			P. Shpringfel´d
Petr Timofeev				V. Sanaev
Metropolitan Filipp [Kolychev]		S. Dneprov
The Boyar Bartenev			G. Belov
Maliuta Skuratov			M. Derzhavin
Iona, a monk				V. Novikov
Prince Staritskii, the Tsar's cousin	A. Khokhlov
45 minutes
In Russian

Source: Master Teip. Kino Nasledie
System: Pal

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