Call number: V-1798

Konstruktor legendarnykh "ILov" [The Constructor of the Legendary ILs]

Tsentral´naia studiia dokumental´nykh fil´mov, 1972
Screenplay K. Raspevin
Photography A. Khavchan
Text by R. Astashenkov, read by L. Khmara
Music arranged by Z. Alimova, A. Zorov

31 minutes
In Russian; starts 4 minutes into tape


Ekspluatatsiia samoleta Il-2 (Instruktsiia letchiku) [Exploitation of the IL-2 Aeroplane (Instructions for a Pilot)]
Script and montage N. Kudriashev
Photography Kino-otdelenie 4-go otdela NII VVS Krasnoi Armii

24 minutes
In Russian

Source: Kryl´ia Rossii
System: Pal

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