Call number: V-1729

Zakrytyi pokaz [Private View] A showing of a film preceded and followed by a studio discussion:
5 minutes of discussion, starting 20 minutes into tape, followed by a showing of

MANSKII, Vitalii Devstvennost´ [Virginity]
Real´noe kino, Vertov i Ko., 2008
Producer: Nataliia Manskaia
Author: Vitalii Manskii
Script: Dmitrii Bykov
Narrator: Aleksandr Tsekalo

87 minutes
In Russian

Followed by:
Studio discussion of the film presented by Aleksandr Gordon
With the participation of: The filmmakers: the director, Vitalii Manskii, the producer, Nataliia Manskaia, the scriptwriter, Dmitrii Bykov, the narrator, Aleksandr Tsekalo and the sound engineer, Evgenii Goriainov;
and the invited viewers: Kirill Nabutov, Eduard Sagaliev, Andrei Arkhangel´skii, Mariia Golovanivskaia, Larisa Maliukova, Ivan Kulikov, Evgenii Bunimovich, Oleg Aronson, Andrei Kniiazev and Ian Levchenko

65 minutes
In Russian
ORT, Pervyi kanal. Vsemirnaia set´, 26 March 2010

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal. Vsemirnaia set´, 26 March 2010
System: Pal

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