Call number: V-1689

Chernobyl [The world's worst nuclear accident on April 25 1986]
Written and produced by Jane Quigley
Executive producer Chris Kelly
Director Paul Murton
30 minutes
BBC2, Days That Shook the World, 12 January 2004

3 minutes of irrelevance


RAG, Harry
Steklarski Blues [Glazier Blues]

13 minutes
Bela Film, Slovenia/Germany 2001
BBC4, 24 January 2004

1 minute of irrelevance


Mies vailla menneisyyttä [The Man Without a Past]
Sputnik YO/2001
Cinematographer Timo Salminen
Editor Timo Linnasalo
First assistant director Nadja Delcos
Producer and screenwriter Aki Kaurismäki

The Man 			Markku Peltola
Irma 				Kati Outinen
Nieminen			Juhani Niemelä
Kaisa Nieminen			Kaija Pakarinen
Anttila				Sakari Kuosmanen
Charity Shop Manager 		Annikki Tähti
Coffee Bar Waitress		Anneli Sauli
Shipyard Personnel Manager	Elina Salo
Bank Employee			Outi Mäenpää
Earth Moving Constructor 	Esko Nikkari
Police Inspector 		Pertti Sveholm
M's Attorney			Matti Wuori
M's Wife 			Aino Seppo
The Salvation Army		Marko Haavisto and Pouta Haukat 
Hannibal			Tähti 
In Finnish with English subtitles
97 minutes
BBC4, 24 January 2004

System: Pal

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