Call number: V-1684

Silent Service: Russian Submarines
Written and directed by Wayne Weiss
Executive producers Craig Haffner and Donna E. Lusitana
60 minutes
History Channel, 16 August 2003

3 minutes of irrelevance


Inside the Soviet Military Machine: the Anthrax Connection
[Biological weapons in the Soviet Union and the outbreak of anthrax in Sverdlovsk in 1979]
Written and produced by Richard Setbon
60 minutes
History Channel, 18 August 2003

4 minutes of irrelevance


The Romanovs/The Fall of the Berlin Wall
[The move from a monarchy to a communist state in Russia, and the collapse of the state's ideology 70 years later]
Executive producer Chris Kelly
Director Paul Murton
60 minutes
BBC4, Days that Shook the World, 10 October 2003

System: Pal

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