Call number: V-1629

Po zakonu (Troe) [By the Law/ Dura Lex] (The Three)

Goskino (Pervaia fabrika), 1926; released 3 December 1926
Screenplay Viktor Shklovskii, from the Jack London story 'The Unexpected'
Photography Konstantin Kuznetsov
Music for this edition compiled and performed by Robert Israel

Edith Nelson			Aleksandra Khokhlova
Hans Nelson, her husband   	Sergei Komarov
Michael Dennin, a murderer	Vladimir Fogel´
Datchey				Porfirii Podobed
Herke				Petr Galadzhev
58 minutes
Russian titles

Source: Krupnyi plan. Kinoklassika Rossii
System: Pal

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