Call number: V-1602

ERMLER, Fridrikh
Zvanyi uzhin (Razbitye mechty) [The Dinner Party (Broken Dreams)]

Lenfil´m, 1953; released 22 August 1962 [sic]
Screenplay N.A. Stroev [Vladimir Mass, Mikhail Chervinskii, Fridrikh Ermler]
Photography Apollinarii Dudko
Music Gavriil Popov

Petr Petrovich		Igor´ Il´inskii
His wife		Nina Mamaeva
Ivan Kuz´mich		Boris Zhukovskii
Nadezhda Sergeevna	Anna Lisianskaia
29 minutes
In Russian


RAPPAPORT, Herbert, and BYKOV, Leonid
Kak verevochka ni v´etsia [However the Rope Turns]

Lenfil´m, 1961
Screenplay Leonid Klimovich
Photography Iakov Sklianskii
Music Dmitrii Tolstoi

Ivan Ivanovich AND Pavel Pavlovich AND Director of Shop		Nikolai Trofimov
7 minutes
In Russian

Source: Lenfil´m video
System: Pal

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