Call number: V-1567

Vladimir Vysotskii v Amerike [Vladimir Vysotskii in America]
Wostok Entertainment, 1998
Author and Producer Grigori Antimoni
Director Aron Kanevskii
Photography Roman Karmen
The film includes extracts from a number of documentary films and performances of a number of Vysotskii's songs
56 minutes
In Russian; starts 8 minutes into tape

NTV Mir, 12 April 2003

8 minutes of irrelevance


RAZUMOVSKII, Andrei and USKOV, Sergei
Genial´naia ideia [A Brilliant Idea]

Fora-Fil´m, 1991
Producers Andrei Razumovskii and Iurii Romanenko
Screenplay Mikhail Kolomenskii
Photography Pavel Lebeshev, Evgenii Korzhenkov
Music Isaak Shvarts
Romance to the words of Vasilii Mishchenko sung by Marina Zubareva

Cast: 	Marina Zubareva, Vasilii Mishchenko, Lembit Ulsfak, Tat´iana Vasil´eva, 
	Baadur Tsuladze, Sergei Gazarov, Vladimir Il´in, Iosif Khandrava
85 minutes
In Russian
NTV Mir, 12 April 2003

Source: NTV Mir, 12 April 2003
System: Pal

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