Call number: V-1503

Russia: Land of the Tsars
Part One

[First episode of a two-part series tracing the history of Russia's ruling dynasty. This part focuses on Ivan the Terrible, whose reign of terror saw him wage a vicious war on his own people, and Peter the Great, who dragged Russia into the modern age as a great European power.]
A & E Television Networks, 2003
Written and produced by Don Campbell
Executive producer: Beth Dietrich-Segarra
Channel 4 version narrated by Ewan Bailey
Produced by Taylor Downing and Paul Nelson

Channel 4, 24 April 2004
120 minutes; starts 2 minutes in


Channel 4 News interview with Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President of Poland, on the occasion of his state visit to Britain in May 2004.
Channel 4, 6 May 2004
7 minutes


Travellers' Century: Patrick Leigh Fermor
[Benedict Allen follows Patrick Leigh Fermor's epic 1931 quest across Europe as he traces the inns, haystacks and castles the young adventurer stayed in, as he foot-slogged his way through Holland, Germany, Hungary and Romania towards Byzantium.]
Icon films for BBC, 2007
Written and presented by Benedict Allen
Executive producer for the BBC: Jacquie Hughes
Series producer: Andie Clare
Directed by Richard Chambers

BBC4, 7 August 2008
60 minutes

Source: Channel 4, 24 April and 6 May 2004, and BBC4, 7 August 2008
System: Pal

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