Call number: V-148

IUDIN, Konstantin
Na podmostkakh stseny [On the Boards]

Mosfil´m, 1956; released 28 June 1956
Screenplay: Mikhail Vol´pin and Nikolai Erdman, based on D. Lenskii's vaudeville 'Lev Gurych Sinichkin'
Photography: Igor´ Gelein and Valentin Zakharov
Production design: Vladimir Egorov, Georgii Turylev
Music: Vasilii Shirinskii

Lev Gurych Sinichkin, an actor    	Vasilii Merkur´ev
Liza, his daughter			Liliia Iudina
Surmilova, an actress			Tat´iana Karpova
Prince Vetrinskii			Nikolai Afanas´ev
Borzikov, a playwright			Mikhail Ianshin
Count Zefirov				Iurii Liubimov
Pustoslavtsev, a theatre owner  	Sergei Blinnikov
Stepan, a coachman			Stanislav Chekan
Prompter				Aleksandr Sashin-Nikol´skii
83 minutes
In Russian: starts 19 minutes into tape; preceded by 17 minutes of material about the film

Source: Source: Russian television, Pervyi kanal
System: Mesecam

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