Call number: V-1476

IUDIN, Konstantin
Devushka s kharakterom [A Girl with Character]

Mosfil´m, 1939; released 20 March 1939
Screenplay Gennadii Fish and Iosif Skliut
Photography Timofei Lebeshev
Music Daniil and Dmitrii Pokrass
Song lyrics Evgenii Dolmatovskii

Katerina Ivanova, a worker on an
  animal sovkhoz in the Far East	Valentina Serova
Another Katerina Ivanova, 
  wife of a Red Commander		Emma Tsesarskaia
Sergei Berezkin, Red Fleet sailor	Andrei Tutyshkin
Meshkov, director of the animal sovkhoz	Aleksandr Antonov
Bobrik, director of the fur shop	Pavel Olenev
Tsvetkov, director of the 
  grammophone record shop		Petr Repnin
Surkov, militia lieutenant		Vsevolod Sanaev
Express train conductor			A. Zhukov
Manager of the train restaurant car	Sergei Blinnikov
Waiter					M. Rumiantsev
82 minutes
In Russian

Source: Krupnyi plan. Kinoklassika Rossii
System: Pal

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