Call number: V-1460

The Talk Show with Charles Wheeler
[Empires and their legacies]
Director Lorraine Jackson
Editor Rob Shepherd
30 minutes, starts 3 minutes into tape
BBC2, St Petersburg's 300th Anniversary, 28 May 2003

3 minutes of irrelevance


Russia From My Window
[A look at the surreal side of everyday life in St Petersburg]
Director Victor Kossakovsky
Series editor Nick Fraser
80 minutes
BBC4, Storyville Series, 28 May 2003

4 minutes of irrelevance


Peter in Paradise

Written by Gwyneth Hughes
Producer Mary McMurray

Peter                   Rory McCann
Alexander Menshikov     Crispin Bonham Carter
Domenico Trezzini       Ronan Vibert
Catherine               Sally Hurst
Fyodor Kikin            Lalor Roddy
Crown Prince Alexei     Matt Canavan
Tsarista                Emma Buckley
Fyodor Romodanovsky     Christopher Fulford
Maria Menshikov         Nathalie Press
Yakim Volkov            Jon Key
Ancient boyar           Martin Friend
Peter the Second        Brook Everitt-Elwick
60 minutes
BBC2, 6 June 2003

System: Pal

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