Call number: V-1459

[An examination of Hitler's leadership techniques]
Producer Detlef Siebert
Executive producer Laurence Rees
50 minutes, starts 5 minutes into tape
BBC2, Secrets of Leadership Series, 7 March 2003

3 minutes of irrelevance

Poisoned City: Dzerzhinsk
[Interviews with inhabitants of the world's most chemically polluted town]
Producer Eva Ewart
Editor Karen O'Connor
45 minutes
BBC2, Correspondent, 9 March 2003

2 minutes of irrelevance


The Kursk: Submarine Disaster
[The sinking of the Kursk and the impact of Russian military secrecy on rescue attempts]
Director Christian Schulz
60 minutes
Channel 5, 13 May 2003

System: Pal

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