Call number: V-1437

What Sank "The Kursk"?
[Documentary following scientists as they piece together clues about the cause of the Kursk submarine disaster, in which all 118 crew members were killed.]
Produced and directed by Mark Hedgecoe
50 minutes
BBC2, Horizon Special, 8 August 2001

5 minutes of irrelevance


Television in the Third Reich
[Documentary examining the Third Reich's use of television from 1935 to 1944. Featuring television film stock and reports that have remained intact since the end of the Third Reich, which reveal a rare and intriguing view of the Nazi regime.]
Written and directed by Michael Kloft
60 minutes
Channel 4, Secret History, 30 August 2001

3 minutes of irrelevance


Being Nice to Mr Putin
Produced and directed by Amanda Feloon
30 minutes
Channel 4, Unreported World, 5 October 2001

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