Call number: V-1397

Britain's Most Wanted: Andrei Lugovoi
[This World's Mark Franchetti gains unprecedented access to former KGB agent Andrei Lugovoi, the prime suspect in the radioactive poisoning of Russian exile Aleksandr Litvinenko.]
A Mentorn production for BBC, 2007
Reporter and producer: Mark Franchetti
Executive producer, BBC: Louise Norman
Executive producer: Sam Collyns
Filmed and directed by Nick Read

This World, BBC2, 25 November 2007
60 minutes; starts 2½ minutes into tape

2 minutes of irrelevance


The Polish Ambulance Murders
[Documentary which tells the story of how a cabal of undertakers in the sleepy Polish city of Lodz conspired to bribe paramedics and doctors into murdering their patients, just to provide them with extra business. However, when bitter infighting and an assassination attempt divided the gang, prosecutors began to get suspicious. Featuring access to the key players and bizarre courtroom footage.]
A Fredrik von Krusenstjerna Film Production for BBC in co-production with ARTE, SVT, YLE and the Swedish Film Institute, 2008
Written, produced, directed and edited by Fredrik von Krusenstjerna
Co-directed, filmed and edited by Richard Solarz
English narrator: Ruth Wilson
Assistant producers: Boris Jordan and Ia Modin
Executive producers for BBC: Nick Fraser and Roger Thompson
Series editor: Nick Fraser

BBC4, Storyville, 5 February 2008
90 minutes

Source: BBC2, 25 November 2007 and BBC4, 5 February 2008
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