Call number: V-1393

Once Upon a Time in Siberia
[Vitalii Dymochka, a provincial mob boss, tries to go legit as a film director. More4 travels to Russia's 'Wild Wild East' to follow Vitalii as he pursues the unlikeliest of dreams: making it as a film director with an action trilogy based on his own violent past - starring himself and other real life bandits.]
A Ronachan Films production in association with Monkey, 2006
Executive producer: Angus MacQueen
Producer: Liana Pomeranzev
Director: Paul Bergzeller

60 minutes
More4+1, 22 March 2006

3½ minutes of irrelevance


Mamochki [Mums]

[An extraordinary film about the realities of living in a provincial city in Russia today. The young award-winning film maker Aleksandr Rastorguev takes the viewer into the harsh realities of the lives of Vania and Iuliia, one disowned by his family, the other abused by her own family since childhood.]
Vertov i K°, Telekanal RTR, 2001
Producer: Vitalii Manskii
Photography: Anton Kechedzhiian

46 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles
More4+1, 22 March 2006


Watching the Russians
[Former MI5 director general Stella Rimington explores our love-hate relationship with Russia over the past 150 years on a journey that takes her to the East End of London on the trail of Russian revolutionaries to the former mining town of Chopwell, once dubbed Little Moscow. She talks to former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovskii and shares recollections of the bugged British embassy in Moscow with former ambassador Rodric Braithwaite.]
BBC Bristol, 2007
Presented by Stella Rimington
Executive producer: Michael Poole
Series producer: John Das
Produced and directed by Rachel Jardine

60 minutes
Time Shift, BBC4, 21 November 2007

Source: More4+1, 22 March 2006 and BBC4, 21 November 2007
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