Call number: V-1352

The Return of the Impaler
[Vadim Tudor and Romanian politics]
Produced and directed by Darren Lewey
Series Editor Sara Woodford
30 minutes, starts 3 minutes into tape
Channel Four, 4Later, The Other Side Series, 10 March 2001

1 minute of irrelevance


Rasputin: the Mad Monk
Producer Thomas Fuchs
Narrator Bill Ratner
60 minutes
The History Channel, Biography Series, 17 March 2001


Europe - Family Affairs: The Right to Equality
[Influence of history and tradition on contemporary ethics, with reports from Albania (blood feud) and France (polygamous families)]
Produced and Directed by Adrian Pennink
Reporter Edward Stourton
45 minutes
BBC2, Correspondent, 1 April 2001

3 minutes of irrelevance


NATO's Children
[Ethnic tensions remain in southern Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia after the West's failure to find a workable solution to the governance of Kosovo]
Produced and directed by Nicky Bolster
Reporter David Sells
45 minutes
BBC2, Correspondent, 3 June 2001

Source: Channel Four, 10 March 2001, History Channel, 17 March 2001, and BBC2 1 April and 3 June 2001
System: Pal

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