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DOSTAL´, Nikolai
Rossiia XX vek - Vzgliad na vlast´ [Russia - The Twentieth Century. A Look at Power]

Kinomost, with Mosfil´m-Uslugi, 1999
Producer: Vladimir Dostal´
Executive producer: Erik Vaisberg
Screenplay: Andrei Cherkizov
Music: Aleksei Shelygin
Narrator: Aleksei Batalov

In six parts:
Part 1 concentrates on the Pre-Revolutionary period;
Part 2 - The Post-revolutionary period: Cossack rebellion on the Don and its repression; the deportations of various nations in the 1940s; nationality policy;
Part 3 - Back to 1917 - work, food shortages and hunger; Kronstadt rebellion, Civil War; arrests; collectivisation and resistance to it, arrests; 1920s and 1930s trials, camps, the Gulag, Belomorkanal;
Part 4 - Begins in 1932, Gor´kii, Jazz and the foxtrot; children in the Stalin period; the Great Terror;
Part 5 - World War 2: Poland , the Baltic States, the Russo-Finnish War, Katyn;
Part 6 - The end of World War Two; Khrushchev; the riots in Novocherkassk; Chernobyl´; the kisses of the leaders; Party censorship; the treatment of the intelligentsia.

6 x 26 = 156 minutes
In Russian

Source: Most-Video
System: Pal

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