Call number: V-128

Etot udivitel´nyi Gaidai
Documentary on Gaidai
Stantsiia FFM for Russian television, ORT, 1997
26 minutes
In Russian; starts 7 minutes into tape


GAIDAI, Leonid
Pes Barbos i neobychnyi kross [The Dog Barbos and the Unusual Cross-country run]

Part 5 of the portmanteau film Sovershenno ser´ezno
Mosfil´m, 1961; released 18.10.1961
Screenplay Leonid Gaidai, from the feuilleton by Stepan Oleinikov
Photography K. Brovin
Music Nikita Bogoslovskii

Byvalyi		E. Morgunov
Trus		Georgii Vitsin
Balbes		Iurii Nikulin
10 minutes
In Russian


GAIDAI, Leonid
Delovye liudi [Businessmen]

Mosfil´m, Eksperimental´naia masterskaia komediinogo fil´ma, 1962; released 31.5.1963
Screenplay Leonid Gaidai, from three stories by O. Henry
Photography K. Brovin
Music G. Firtich
The film consists of 3 episodes:
Dorogi, kotorye my vybiraem; Rodstvennye dushi; and Vozhd´ krasnokozhikh

Cast:		Rostislav Pliatt, Georgii Vitsin, Iurii Nikulin,
		Aleksei Smirnov, A, Shvorin, V. Gromov,
		V. Paulus, Serezha Tikhonov
80 minutes
In Russian
Source: Russian television, Pervyi kanal
System: Mesecam
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