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Coming Home
[A journalist travels home to Poland to see how her country has changed]
Narrator Jo Shinner
Camera Derek Firmin and Josef Romasz
Series producer David Poyer
Producer Lisa Hinton
30 minutes
BBC2, 5 May 2001


Hitler and Bormann: Hitler's Fixer
Written and directed by Marion Milne
Narrated by Michael Kitchen
Music James McConnel
Photography Mike Robinson
Editor Ian Pitch
65 minutes
ITV, Close to Hitler Series, 13 May 2001


Stalin - the Red God
Produced and directed by Frederick Baker
Executive producer Franz Grabner
Photography Christian Mehofeer
55 minutes,
BBC2, Arena, 31 May 2001

Source: BBC2 5 and 31 May 2001; ITV 13 May 2001
System: Pal

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