Call number: V-1274

Himmler, Hitler & the End of the Reich
Written and produced by Detlef Siebert
Editor Laurence Rees
Narrator Andrew Sachs
Photography Jens Tukiendorf
Film editor Steve Stevenson
50 minutes
BBC2, Timewatch, 19 January 2001


[Report on Russia's biggest missile base]
Produced and directed by Lesley Woodhead
Editor Fiona Murch
Camera Roger Chapman
Film editor Ian Meler
50 minutes
BBC2, Correspondent, 3 February 2001


Himmler - the Executioner
Created by Guido Knopp
Written and directed by Andreas Christoph Schmidt
Camera Michael Fischer and Zeljko Pehar 60 minutes
Channel 5, Hitler's Henchmen, 4 February 2001

Source: BBC2, 19 January and 3 February 2001; Channel 5, 4 February 2001
System: Pal

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