Call number: V-1189

Obratnaia tochka. 24 chasa [Reverse Point. 24 Hours]
NTV-Plius, Nashe kino, NTV-Profit, 2000
Producers Sergei Levin, Evgenii Gindilis, Igor´ Tolstunov
20 minutes
In Russian; starts 2 minutes into tape
NTV, Nashe kino, 11 November 2000

4 minutes of irrelevance


Svetlyi put´. Vek kino. 1895
NTV-Plius, Nashe kino, 2000
Producer Sergei Levin
7 minutes
In Russian
NTV, Nashe kino, 11 November 2000

3 minutes of irrelevance


SAKHAROV, Aleksei and SHENGELAIA, El´dar
Snezhnaia skazka [A Snowy Tale]

Mosfil´m, 1959; released 20 March 1960
Screenplay V. Vitkovich, G. Iagdfel´d
Photography V. Listopadov, Iu. Skhitrladze
Music Iu. Levitin

Mitia   			I. Ershov
Lelia   			A. Kozhokina
Black soul  			Klara Luchko
Paper soul  			Z. Naryshkina
Corrupt soul  			V. Altaiskaia
The old year  			Evgenii Leonov
Watchmaker  			N. Sergeev
Driver   			Mikhail Pugovkin
66 minutes
In Russian
NTV, Nashe kino, 13 January 2001

Source: NTV, Nashe kino, 11 November 2000 and 13 January 2001
System: Pal

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