Call number: V-1185

To Russia with George
[The financial rehabilitation of tycoon George Walker who rebuilt his life and fortune in Russia where he runs a vast gambling operation]
Photography, production and direction Richard Blanshard
Executive producer Emma Barker
Narrated by David Hemmings
Script Associate Don Bowen
Editor Terry Jones
30 minutes
Carlton Television, 17 July 2000


The Haider Show
[Jörg Haider is described as the greatest living threat to Europe]
Reporter and director Frederik Baker
Producer Nicky Bolster
Correspondent Stories
Series Producer Farah Durrani
Editor Fiona Murch
45 minutes
BBC2, 28 October 2000


Last of the Medicine Men
[Shamanism in Siberia]
Part I and II
BBC, Community Programmes 2000
Director and series producer Salim Salam
Executive producer Bob Long
Original music Michael Osmiton and Keith Waithe
Film editors Greg Harris and Reg Clarke
30 + 30 minutes
BBC2, 6 and 13 November 2000

Source: Carlton Television, 17 July 2000 and BBC2, 6 and 13 November 2000
System: Pal

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