Call number: V-1050

Project Cancelled: Communist Moon
[Sergei Korolev recalls the Cold War space race]
Produced by Llanishen Films, 1998
Written and directed by Noel McCormack
Producers Noel McCormack, Yvonne McGee
Historical consultant Charles P. Vick
Archival research James Taylor
Narrated by Denis Lill
60 minutes
Source: History Channel, 24 January 2000


Reputations: Olga Korbut: the Gymnast, Her Coach, Her Rival and the President
A BBC/A&E Network Co-production
Produced and directed by Clare Beavan
Narrator Jancis Robinson
50 minutes
Source: BBC2, 16 May 2000


Correspondent Europe: Our Aged
Producers Frederick Baker, John Thynne, Ewa Ewart
Researchers Virginia Mucchi, Helena Pozniak
Narrator Edward Stourton
45 minutes
Source: BBC2, 10 June 2000

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