Call number: V-1046

Revolt on the Potemkin
Produced by MPH Entertainment for A&E Network, 1997
Directed by Jim Milio
Executive producers Jim Milio, Melissa Jo Peltier, Mark Hufnail
Historical consultant Dane Hartgrove
Researchers Adam Hyman, Trista Switzer, Alexander A. Kandaurov
Written by Arthur Drooker, Melissa Jo Peltier
60 minutes
Source: History Channel, April 2000


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Voice of the Revolution
Produced by Actuality Productions for A&E Network
Written and produced by Bob Niemack
60 minutes
Source: History Channel, Biography, April 2000


Nicolae Ceausescu: the Unrepentant Tyrant
Produced by ITN Factual for A&E Network
Written, produced and directed by Andy Stevenson
60 minutes
Source: History Channel, Biography, 22 May 2000

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