Call number: V-1044

Inside Chechnya
Wilton Films
Producer Paul Mitchell
Presenter Edward Stourton
30 minutes
Source: BBC2, Correspondent Special, 17 December 1999


Girlfriends from Pristina
[The experiences of two Kosovan refugees]
An RDF Television Production for Channel 4
Producer and director Kira Phillips
65 minutes
Source: Channel 4, 6 February 2000


Crossing St. Petersburg
[The Orthodox Church in Russia during the communist era]
A CTVC Production
Director Tony Cash
Producer Ray Bruce
Researcher Anna Thomson
Presenter Paul Heiney
30 minutes
Source: LWT, 21 April 2000


The Body Hunter
[Collection of evidence in Kosovo for War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague]
Hart Ryan for BBC
Produced and directed by Louise Norman
Research Al Moorcroft
Narrator Penny Downie
50 minutes
Source: BBC1, 10 May 2000

Source: BBC2, 17 December 1999; Channel 4, 6 February 2000; LWT, 21 April 2000; BBC1, 10 May 2000
System: Pal

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