Call number:V-1013

The Billion Dollar Don
Producer Toby Sculthorpe
Editor Peter Horrocks
Film editor Janet Taylor
Reporter Tom Mangold
40 minutes
BBC1, Panorama, 7 December 1999


Hitler and Stalin: Twin Tyrants
Producer Simon Finch
Executive producer Denys Blakeway
Historical consultant Richard Overy
Written and narrated by Denys Blakeway
95 minutes
Blakeway Associates for Channel 4, 28 December 1999


Dying for the President
Reporter John Sweeney
Executive producer David Henshaw
Produced and directed by Carla Garapedian
30 minutes, lacks first few minutes
Hardcash for Channel 4, Dispatches, 16 March 2000
Source: BBC1, Channel 4
System: Pal

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