Call number: RD-9

For Art's Sake - The Story of Ballets Russes
[Celebrating the achievements of Ballets Russes under Diaghilev's guidance. The English National Ballet perform extracts from two Ballets Russes' masterpieces, Les Sylphides and Scheherazade, as well as a new version by David Dawson of the iconic Nijinsky ballet Afternoon Of A Faun. Dancers, musicians, writers, critics, stylists and historians contribute to the film, painting a vivid portrait of this unique dance company and discuss the legacy of Diaghilev's genius in the creative arts]
BBC Wales, 2009
Narrator: Lynne Seymour
Producer/Director: Ross MacGibbon

60 minutes
Starts 2 minutes into disc
BBC4, 19 December 2009


Riddle of the Romanovs: Revealed
[Historical documentary probing one of the 20th century's most enduring mysteries. This film follows scientific efforts to identify new remains which may answer the riddle of the Romanovs once and for all.] A Bellwether Media Production for Five
Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd, 2008
Narrated by Richard Hawley
Produced and directed by Ian Denyer

60 minutes
Five, 22 July 2008

Source: BBC4, 19 December 2009 and Five, 22 July 2008
System: Pal

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