Call number: RD-83

Kakie nashi gody. 1982 [What Years of Ours. 1982]
Pervyi kanal, 2010
Presenters: Leonid Parfenov, Tat´iana Arno
The subjects of this episode are: the Rubik's Cube; the death of Leonid Brezhnev; the television programme 'Veselye rebiata'; studying English and Anglicisms entering the Russian language; the Mashina vremeni group; Soviet Adidas; food shortages and the 'Provisions Programme'; 'Spokoinoi nochi, malyshi' and Soviet children's television; the film Pokrovskie vorota; the vogue for Italian popular music
With the participation of: Sergei Riabko, Mikhail Kosarev, Dmitrii Dibrov, Andrei Knyshev, Leonid Volodarskii, Andrei Makarevich, Mikhail Kusnirovich, Vladimir Gruzdev, Eduard Uspenskii, Tat´iana Lazareva, Grigorii Revzin, Oleg Men´shikov, Petr Nalich
80 minutes
In Russian

Source: ORT, Pervyi kanal. Vsemirnaia set´, 16 January 2011
System: Pal

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