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How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin: Storyville
[Documentary which tells the unknown story of how the Beatles helped to destroy the USSR. While making films in late 80s Russia, Leslie Woodhead became aware of how, even though they never played in the Soviet Union, the Beatles legend had soaked into the lives of a generation of kids. This film tells the stories of how the Fab Four changed their lives, preparing the cultural way for the fall of the Berlin Wall and ultimately helping to wash away the foundations of the Soviet system.]
Blakeway Productions for the BBC, 2009
Produced, written and narrated by Leslie Woodhead

60 minutes
BBC4, 6 September 2009


Surviving Disaster: Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
[Drama documentary about the 1986 explosion at a Soviet nuclear plant, told from the perspective of scientist Valeri Legasov, who later committed suicide. The reconstruction exposes the disturbing truth that victims of Chernobyl were victims of secrecy and denial by those in authority, who believed the threat of the truth was far worse than the threat of the radiation itself.]
A BBC / Discovery Channel / ProSieben Co-Production in association with France5, 2006
Narrated by Bernard Hill
Written and directed by Nick Murphy

Valeri Legasov			Adrian Edmondson
Alexandr Akimov			Alex Lowe
Leonid Toptunov			Michael Colgan
Boris Scherbina			Vernon Dobtcheff
Genaddy Shasharin		Roland Oliver
Anatoli Dyatlov			Roger Alborough
Victor Bryukhanov		John Vine
Nikolai Fomin			Ray Gardner
Anatoli Mayorets		Paul Humpoletz
Valeri Perevozchenko		Breffni McKenna
Piotr Palarmarchuk		Adrian Hood
Victor Proskuryakov		Dan Fox
Alexander Kurdyastev		Darren Queralt
Anatoli Sitnikov		Philip Rodes
Luba Akimov			Tamzin Griffin
Katya Gubarev			Lisa Rose
Major General Antoshkin		Nicholas Lumley
Government official		Hugh Dickson
60 minutes
BBC1, 24 January 2006

Source: BBC4, 6 September 2009 and BBC1, 24 January 2006
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